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Small parts ship USPS for $3 - $5.

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M91/30, M38, M44

  Buttplate - 6 in stock - $1.75

Fair condition. No bluing, some pitting, etc.

  Cleaning rod retaining nut - 5 in stock - $0.75

Late style.
Tapered hole in front.

  Ejector - 12 in stock - $3.00

Good condition. No rust.

  Ejector spring - 8 in stock - $4.50

Like new. Includes screw.

  Rear action screw - 2 in stock - $2.50

Excellent condition.

  Rear barrel band - 2 in stock - $4.50

Some old pitting.

  Rear barrel band spring - $5.00  Sold Out

  Rear sight spring - 6 in stock - $2.50

Good condition.

  Stock nosecap - 2 in stock - $5.50

Rounded, later style.
No rust, or bluing left.

  Trigger - 2 in stock - $8.00

Excellent condition.
Includes trigger pin.

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FFL: Type 1 (Dealer), Type 2 (PawnBroker), Type 3 (Collector), etc.
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